Building cool stuff since 1996

Automation and Machinery

Automotive, medical, aerospace, and ceramics are all industries where we've commissioned automated machinery.

Build Almost Anything

We have extensive in-house fabrication capabilities, and can work with most common materials.


Using our CNC milling machine and manual lathe, we can make your prototypes and one-off parts quickly and accurately

Composites Design/Build

Black Gold: Nothing performs or looks quite like carbon fiber.  We work in it regularly.

Welding and Fabrication

With CNC plasma cutting, precision sawing, and TIG welding, fabrication projects turn out great.

So. Much. 3D Printing.

Prototypes, custom tooling, drill fixtures, we print it all.

We bought our 3D printer in 2019 and since then it has run one day for every three days of ownership.  What an indispensable tool.  We love PLA for bright colors and smooth, attractive prototypes.  Carbon-fiber filled PETG is our go-to for strong, tough, weather-resistant parts.

Process Equipment

Mass Flow Calibration machines are an in-house specialty.  We know all about selecting pumps, valves, piping and process tanks, and we know how to package it all efficiently and with aesthetics in mind.  Because industrial equipment should be pretty too.

Mobile Equipment & Vehicles

This custom bucket truck was my first big project out of college - what a cool system it turned out to be.

Adding generators, pneumatics, and pumping to existing vehicles or scratch-building on a trailer are all options we can support.

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